COZZANI goes by his way playing piano vigorously… cantabile way and  virtuosity alternate and complete each other as two faces of the same reality.
(La Nuova Provincia – ASTI)

Interesting and various the programme  produced at the Vallisa, for the “Piccinni” foundation by the pianist Claudio COZZANI, who came back to Bari after a fine Listziano recital two seasons ago… endowed with a very good technique, COZZANI has got a considerable sensibility. Success and bis.
(La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno – Bari)  

COZZANI, pianist, with as much sure virtuosity as involving passion managed with masterly skill and showed his artistic completeness.
(Il Messaggero del Lunedì- Gorizia)

COZZANI is a pianist who has gained a profound maturity. He probes the harmonic material with deep participation… The pianist COZZANI, with smoothness, has let the piano compete with the almost tribal percussion’s strength of  the hypnotic De Falla’s “Danza del Fuego”.
(Il Giornale di Vicenza)

COZZANI has rendered Petrarch’s sonnet n°47 set to music by Liszt, in a wonderful rich way and with remarkable expressive effectiveness… COZZANI’s  way of playing piano in the Fifth Hungarian Rhapsody is powerful and mighty.
(Roma - Bari) 

The artist Claudio COZZANI has been able to gather every excerpt’s meaning by sharp perception; he has worked finely refinements, colours and rhythms.
(Il Crotonese – Crotone) 

We’re in front of a pianist not only vigorous and powerful, but also sorrowful and passionate.
(Il secolo, XIX)

Interpreter alert and sensitive to the characters inspiring of the excerpt and permanently engaged for a differentiation pertaining to tone colour that underlines the right hand’s cantabile way.

Beethoven, Chopin, Granados and Liszt executed by a great impulse full of expression.
(Musica e Scuola)

Sensitive and refined… a performance technically and musically faultless.
(Strumenti e Musica)

In the Busoni’s Sonata N°. 6 the pianist Claudio COZZANI shines… The parallel octaves and the difficult double thirds are played strongly and by softness…The main theme is performed pleasantly, by rhythm and at high speed.
(Zeitung – Ludenscheid – Germany)

A proof of cleverness and of deep concentration, played by intimist absorption.
(Il Pentagramma)

Claudio COZZANI has performed by remarkable cleverness Chopin’s “Barcarole”, Franck’s “Prelude, Chorale and fugue” and Prokofiev’s op.4 Pieces.
(La Mia Città – Foggia)


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